Indy HOP: Indian House of Pakodas, Bangalore

O k, Today I realized that Bangalore can/will be a place where your dreams can come true....have a creative idea (food Industry) backed with a sound financial plan to implement it and be a resident of Bangalore (preferably)...have you ever ever thought of building sustainable earnings from selling Pakodas...yes you heard it right ...selling pakodas...and … Continue reading Indy HOP: Indian House of Pakodas, Bangalore

Toscano, Bangalore

My experience keeps oscillating from average to best. I have had the pleasure of eating their food across locations. Jayanagar, Koramanagala and Vittal Malaya Road. Till now liked the UB city outfit. Since they serve complimentary bread, we always don't order any antipasti here. Soup of the Day: Pumpkin Soup 3.5/5 I never thought there's … Continue reading Toscano, Bangalore