Portfolio – Product & Food, Styling & Photography

As I’m in the business of telling stories through my blog, It was a natural progression for me to continue to do the same through pictures. COVID lockdown enabled me reassess my strengths and hone them. I was able to build on my Product & Food, Styling & photography skills . Why the progression a loved one asked? The answer was instantaneous I wanted to reach out to my inner goddesses meaning my inner foodie and the gourmet within and unleash her talent and skill. Luckily, my past experiences didn’t make me a hiker without compass. I had a clear direction and knew what needs to be done. As with everything else , we don’t stop learning and evolving. I’m looking forward to work with an amazing set of clients. If you would like to collaborate with me, write to me at mssusays@gmail.com or DM on any of my social media handles

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