LOFT- Food With A Side Of Fun


Choosing a venue to celebrate your teenager’s b’day could be a helluva of a daunting task to a parent. It’s 10X more challenging if the mother is a food blogger and the bar certainly will be set high. To find a place that ticks all boxes that meet the preferences of my daughter and her friends is an added challenge. Lucky me, I found a place where she and her closest of friends had a blast.

Read on and see if I came out of this challenge in flying colors.

The loft is situated in the hustle and bustle of HSR. It’s an experience center with lip-smacking food and activities to keep children of all ages engaged. We had no problem finding a parking space given that it was a weekend.

As you enter, prepared to be greeted by a giant quirky wall that has a map of Bangalore. Attached is a ladder to give the young ones a feel for wall climbing. It certainly was just a photo prop for my Baacha party. The Space is divided into two halves and we monopolized the one with the map as it was well-lit vis-a-vis the inner sanctum which was dim. I loved the decor, as it was easy on the eye and speckled with walls that had vertical garden. You will find smartly decorated nooks filled with the clichéd board games. We tried our hand on quiet a few games. I proudly lost to the b’day gal in a game of UNO and my all time fav, snake and ladders.

Let’s talk about grub:

The Baacha party of 4 took turns to churn their own milkshakes and was the highlight of the afternoon.  They were certainly motivated to churn it into one smooth milkshake… it certainly was a bit of science in motion

The tomato, bean soup was delectable, but certainly could have more depth in flavor.

The pizza was my favorite and tad bit different from the ones I have had. The crust didn’t sag with the weight of the veggies and had a pleasant crunch to it. I was promised extra cheesy, but they kind of forgot to add. Thus, it helped me keep my diet goals alive.

Pasta was so so and I didn’t like it much.

The kids feasted on the milkshakes and it was rich and loaded with whipped cream. I kept my temptations at bay and didn’t dare try them. The kids, however, gave thumbs up.

All in all a good place to spend your weekend or a intimate party for your friends else it’s a perfect spot for a coffee meet.

Lastly, a bit of improvement in service could do them good. It felt like a self-service type of a restaurant. The staff was friendly and they were eager to help the kids out.

PS: The manager informed me that they don’t take special orders for bdays or any type of celebrations. Which is sad as they would be beyond perfect for occasions like these. The DIY sandwich counter will surely be a hit among the adults.

I walked in with the formidable 4 in tow to give them a grand time, as you will be a fourteen-year-old only once in your lifetime and we walked out with memories to last till the next b’day along with promises to visit again

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