Tadaaaaa, Jayanagar has its own Tea Villa Cafe….

This entwined love of food and writing gives me opportunities to explore this wide world of food. On every dawn of a new day, it’s getting easier to find food for thought as there are new restaurants, cafe and Pubs opening up all across town.

Tadaaaaa, now Jayanagar has its own Tea Villa Cafe. But, The Jury Is Still Out on its popularity.

Amidst the swanky setting and in the hustle and bustle of Jayanagar, Tea Villa Cafe can be your latest adda. This review is more of a introduction of the cafe itself as they have recently  opened shop and I’m will not be too hard on the hiccups they are facing. They certainly need time to clink and clank the pots and sort all of their teething problems.

This Tea connoisseur paradise has lots to offer to the mixed population of South Bangalore. They have basically taken care to meet all the whims and fancies of a vegetarian palate. Go and have a tete-a-tete with your loved ones and soak in the aroma of freshly prepared masala chai.

My First Impressions

Food: Absolutely delicious, but is it your money’s worth? 

Ambience: Just what the doc had ordered and perfectooo.

Service: Head count is there, they need to figure out the routine and learn about the food they serve.

All the best peeps of Tea Villa Cafe and I’m looking forward to be there again once the dust settles in.