Farzified…is it a word?

Is Farzified a word? If not, it should be… so what can it represent… definitely an adjective to describe  what it means to “eat with your eyes”. I was invited by Srobona Das to taste their new menu. Before the meal I was wondering what more can they really do? They had it all. But Boy o Boy was I in for a treat.

Here goes the exhaustive list of dishes that we tried

Soups & Salads

  • Avocado mint Gazpacho, Jeera namak para (Chilled Avocado soup flavored with Jal Jeera, Garnished with Savory Lavash)
  • Curd rice tikki chaat, Dragon scoop, Besan pearls (Curd rice patty layered with Sweet yogurt, Mint & Sweet chutney in a clay pot, garnished with dragon fruit scoop)

Small plates

Desi Curd Poppers, smoked tomato chutney (Mouth Melting curd poppers with Indian spices, Served with Smoked tomato Chutney


  • Ratatouille Bhaji, Maska Focaccia (Spicy mashed vegetables serve with buttered Italian bread)
  • Dal Khichdi risotto, Papad crisp, Achari butter (Yellow lentils cooked with Arborio rice served with lentil crisp and Pickle butter)


  • Flourless chocolate cake, Tanquery Mousse, Orange crumb (Airy Chocolate cake served with seasonal fruits )
  • Fenni Nest, Chenna balls, Flavored Milk (Nest made out of Fenni served with Sweet cottage cheese balls & Saffron flavored milk)
  • Peanut butter mousse taco, Banana Kulfi, Caramelized Banana (Peanut butter mousse stuffed in a sweet taco shell, Served with Banana Kulfi)
Let me talk a bit more on the Dishes that stole my heart and gave one of those foodgasm that is hash tagged everywhere 


Avocado Gazpacho

Avocado mint Gazpacho, Jeera namak para: It’s a perfect cold soup to have in Summers that we experience in Bangalore. It was vey light and the flavors of Avocado was just right without overpowering your palate. To sum it up, it was like  drinking buttermilk with avocado. Loved the addition of the crisps it balanced the silky smooth texture of the soup.


Curd Rice tikki_Farzi

Curd rice tikki chaat, Dragon scoop, Besan pearls: If you think that we are loosing the Indian touch by having all the dishes described in details and missing the mystery. Fear no more. Though the menu is quite detailed here and contradicting my above statement there so much drama and fan fare no amount of description can prepare you for this particular Salad. I think they might have to move this to an entrée. This is a must have. To make it clear I literally have put it on Bold and underlined so that you don’t miss ordering it. Crispy rice tikis dosed with heaps of curds and have it hit with imly and kata chutney. Garnished with besan pearls and dragon fruit. Its heaven for a chaat lover.


Dal Khichdi risotto_Farzi

Dal Khichdi risotto, Papad crisp, Achari butter: When this dish was ordered I was like seriously dude, dhal Khichdi as a risotto ??? the French will have a field day if they knew how loosely the word risotto has been used by us. What I never expected was me writing about the same dish and might I add it was the highlight of the week for me. To borrow the words of Suresh Hinduja, this dish is an incarnation of our humble comfy food that is so common in our household. It has been Farsified is the least I can say about this dish.


Flourless Chocolate cake_Farzi

Flourless chocolate cake, Tanquery Mousse, Orange crumb: It was a tough for me to choose of the three, my favorite. I loved them all. We were  stuffed to the brim but we just couldn’t leave without tasting their dessert. Need I say more…try all of them but don’t you dare to get out of the restaurant without trying their Flourless Chocolate cake. It was immaculate and well balanced and the Tanquery mousse was really light. 

                                      Let me know if you were Farzified like me.

the gang_Farzi