The Biggest Pizza is in Town!!! 21″and you need a mob to finish it.

A friend of mine had seen my status picture on watsapp and asked me a question and she certainly raised a valid point. The new restaurants, pubs and bars that are opening up are looking more and more alike. For the aam adami they all blur into one big picture that kinda looks same. Moderately spacious, dishes with tongue twisting names, big brewery tanks and a good decor.  So the challenge is for these places to be creative and to set themselves apart for their audience. This post talks about the USP’s that Bier Library boosts of.

The Grilled Vegetable Pizza:

Have you tried eating a 21″ Pizza. Yes, you heard me right. It’s that big.
Check out Bier Library in Koramangala, the first ever Bangalore restaurant to serve this humongous Pizza. Make sure it’s a party of 7-8. Else, you will for sure take a  doggy bag home. 
Verdict: It certainly tastes good and looks good too. Give it a go.

The other honorable mentions are

Bier Library is creative and has designed these snack boards that are perfect accompaniments for your Booze. Try them and let me know if they have got it right. I personally like the nuts to be fried ( don’t let your thoughts run wild… brakes please) and not cooked. Who wants to get their fingers dirty.

The Indian Mezze platter didn’t impress me much. The Bread was too thin and the taste of the bread didn’t come through and so was the accompaniments.
Vada Pav was pretty good and I would order them again. It comes with 3 pavs so keep in mind when you order it

Watermelon Feta Wheel: As the picture suggests it’s a watermelon disc dusted with feta cheese and olives. There are better dishes to try 
Dusted Fries: They certainly are a good pair with a robust craft beer 

I personally Loved the laal mirch ka paneer tikka and certainly will order this dish again. The smooth texture of paneer and perfectly grilled veggies was perfect for a cold afternoon.