Stories-The Brew Chapter, BTM

A visual experience !!

This restaurant should have been christened as “The Green Brewery” instead of Stories. Following the footsteps of Social, Stories-The brew chapter’s decor theme seems to be usage of plants. The two storied restaurant in BTM is centrally located with exclusive parking space and valet services.

By the time you are seated, you are won over by the ambience and what’s left is the story of their culinary strengths and the service. On a lazy Sunday, my family of 4 visited the restaurant. Though the first floor seemed to be full, we were comfortable with the hustle and bustle around us. Since it was a microbrewery it would be a crime not to taste their brews. We ordered their Beer sampler and loved the Ragi and Jamoon Beer. Yes, it does sound weird, but loved the low carbonation and the flavor was earthy. Would I order them again, Yes definitely.

I absolutely loved the service and the attitude the team displayed was impeccable. They were quick to suggest the must try’s and adapted to any changes that we suggested for preparing the dish. The place is huge and my daughter was busy exploring the place and chose a scenic spot for us to dine. By the time we finished our appetizers and moved to the main course we realized the folly of our choice. The restaurant has the mist system (which can be seen in the video) installed on the roof and water leaks from the joints. Unfortunately, the place that we were seated had water dripping on our food and drink.

Let’s move on to the next part of the story being the food.
Beer Sampler for all the alcoholics and the Pine Mint mocktails for the other set. I loved both the drinks. We ordered a platter called Chaknas to compliment the brew and it was delicious, but a tad bit spicy for my palate. I was told North Indian cuisine was quite popular and their specialty. We decided to follow the crowd on this one and ordered Roti and Stuffed Kulcha. For the gravy it was Dal Tadka and Taka Tak Paneer. I expected to eat a meal that will give me a tummy hug. Unfortunately, the gravy was flat and lacked the ommph factor. I expected the dishes to be a celebration of spices and masala which is the landmark of Indian cuisine. The bread, however, was cooked crisp as requested. Before, I visit any restaurant I make it a habit to read about the specials and chilled rabadi cake was the go to dessert suggestion. However, I let the waiter change my mind and ordered the tres leches cake. The cake by itself was soft and moist. The liquid and the cake had very less lychee flavor infused and I felt the liquid was just milk. If you like the tres leches served in Sriracha, you certainly wouldn’t want to order one here.

All in all would give them a 3.5 stars and I certainly would visit them again and try a couple of other dishes.
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