About My Blog

They say opinions are like birthdays-everybody has one….

Ms.Su Says is all about my experience, personal choice’s and unbiased opinion. My reviews are not just about the food/books/movies/travel, it is a short story in itself. I hope to give a glimpse into a not so humdrum of the place, the mood, ambiance and lastly the whole reason that this was started… my loving gaggle of friends.

On What you may ask??????

Though the sky is not the limit for me to write, I prefer to focus on a few of my passions that I indulge now and them. You would read here about my travels and all the adventures I/we had, reviews of Restaurants and expect to read my unbashed opinions of the food, ambience and most importantly what not to order, my take on movies and sometimes I would like to throw a curveball and direct my focus on healthy home cooking videos/pictures. This is a safe haven that lets me express and in turn gives you something interesting to read.

As they say a bit of mystery hurts, none…I’ll leave you guessing on what else I could do.

Click on the subscribe button and I promise to make it a fun read.

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