The Hobbit is in Bangalore !!!

Stay calm…I meant the Hobbit cafe is in Bangalore. I love this place, not for their super delicious and scrumptious food. Also, for the unique attitude to help secure employment for differently abled people. It certainly is a daunting effort to run a restaurant successfully, but to this add an element of doing something noble makes it doubly challenging. The ideology is to give opportunities to differently abled people a chance of earning their keep. I had a quick chat with Abhishek, who is one of the partners of this cafe. They work with different NGO’s to recruit their staff. They have a sensible training program in place to make sure that all the employees on the floor is well versed with the menu and is proficient in the work allocated to them.


Coming to the focal point of this review, which is food. For a change I, absolutely had no suggestions for improvements in the food. This is a rare occurrence as I always manage to have the last word. We loved the food so much so that we didn’t spare the poor cabbage leaves on the sizzler plate. Drink wise, we had a Blue Coraco Mojito, for appetizers we had a Pan Fried Momos, the main course that we devoured was a Smokey Veg Sizzler and spicy Paradise Pizza. The meal came to an end with light, fluffy and smooth Choco Lava Cake.

I would happily order the same dishes again. If I have to pick a fav, only because you are twisting my arm to name a few. They would be the Momos and Sizzlers. The word finger licking good was invented for these two dishes😋😋😋.

Money wise, it’s a tad bit expensive, it was around 1200 for two. Plan for parking as this cafe is located in one of the side lanes in Koramangala.


The only only advice that I can give is to improve the time taken to serve the ordered food. A bit of decking up wouldn’t hurt too, and finally, when we order a sizzler the expectation is a large sized portions which befits a King. Also the unsaid cardinal rule is you can substitute rice with noodles and not with smashed potatoes. We need our rice with a sizzler dude!!!. All the best Abhishek and team. Looking forward to eat at your place in the coming days.