#Baahubali:The conclusion- Standing applause for SS Rajamouli and the cast

Unequivocally, the Indian cinema industry and the citizens of India have named this epic movie as the best film ever made in the history of human civilization ( As quoted in Being Indian). I have to give it to SS Rajamouli.  He was able to recreate the magic not once but twice. Though I wouldn't go that … Continue reading #Baahubali:The conclusion- Standing applause for SS Rajamouli and the cast


#Dangal is a movie that has broken quiet a few cliches. What usually drives me to watch a movie is great songs, handsome heroes or popular star cast and a decent storyline, which nowadays is difficult to find. If you have the time to do a bit research you will unearth that all blockbusters do … Continue reading Movie-Dangal


2 3 roll camera... Focus a boy and gal totally besotted with each other n singing love songs n thankfully no running around the tree ....wait wait did I tell you both are visually impaired. That's the cornerstone of 🎥 KAABIL . Their love for each other, rape, suicide n then revenge. Most of the … Continue reading Movie-Kaabil

Movie-Leap Year

I'm watching this movie Leap year, an romantic comedy... quite hilarious I must say... so this character Anna tries to be in Dublin to propose to her boyfriend of 4yrs on Feb the 29th ( hence the movie name). But she encounters many a adventure n also meets Declan in the process. He is a … Continue reading Movie-Leap Year


What, how and really.. For the first time in my life I'm stumped and at a loss for words. Why did this movie have such profound effect on me? Did it strike a cord within all of us, did this movie portray the duality of our society in a manner that provoked us to be … Continue reading Movie-PINK