Stories: The story behind it

As mentioned in my video, I have attempted something out of my comfort zone to give YOU my readers an enriching experience. Do let me know how my review helped you in defining the place for you.
Stories, is a place where you can go with your fav worn out Jean or salwar, no pressure to be dressed. It has a homely and comfortable vibe to it. We liked the roof top dining which had a comfortable seating for 10+ peeps. You can easily visit this restaurant to spend some time on a cool spring evening and not too warm summer afternoon’s. They have a enclosed seating for those rainy days which seems to be scarce in Bangalore.
We started our culinary experience with Hula Hula drink, Cosmopolitan and Stir it up. All complimentary of the management.Hula Hula drink captured our hearts or must I say our taste buds and all of us awarded it a whooping 100/100. For a cocktail it was tasty and had a nice fruity feel to it. The drink hit high points on both presentation and taste. Definitely a must try. The second place was given to Stir it up and of course cosmos is a cosmos it doesn’t need an experienced Mixologist.
For starters we had Corn on the cob: Usually we avoid corn on the hob, but my stomach was like dil mange more for corn. Unlike other restaurants the corn was well cooked and was marinated with not a dollop but a healthy portion of their secret sauce. It was delicious to say the least.
Dry Panner Tikka was the next one that was ordered. Nothing to fault soft, tender and well marinated and our taste buds were awake and ready to relish more food.
Next came the main course with cottage cheese medallion sizzler and a chicken version of the same: Now I have no words to describe how much we all enjoyed this delicious meal. Nothing to fault about it… the veggies were cooked and seasoned well. The medallions were crisp and with just the right amount of seasoning. Jeera Rice was the accompaniment with it and definitely enough for an individual. I still remember very well, the last sizzler that I enjoyed was way back in early 2000’s in a restaurant called Caesars, post that only Stories has come close to awaken my yearning to have more of the same. The plate was wiped clean and mind you even the cabbage leaves were not spared too.
Veggie Delight Pizza: The pizza meet our expectations. Nothing to complain, it had a good dose of cheese and vegetables.
We were a group of 11 and all of us were quiet well versed with Stories and the delicious food they dish out. The group was ravenous to say the least and was looking forward to experience the culinary journey. But, unfortunately we all went home only half sated.
The biggest area of improvement that this restaurant needs is on their SERVICE. They were very slow. I guess they have taken too much inspiration from the rabbit and the turtle story. Buck it up guys and you can be one of the most visited restaurant in South Bangalore.
All in all definitely put them on your Restaurant’s bucket list and hopefully they improve on the service bit.
See ya stay tuned for more updates from MsSuSays