SlimSins Cafe – Their delicacy is healthy food.

I must say we Bangaloreans are spoilt for choices and thoroughly pampered. Every ghalli you see a new one mushrooming.

It’s a celebration especially for people like me…there’s never a dearth for finding new places to write a review.

The said Newbie featured in MsSuSays is a restaurant called SlimSins. slimSins is located in Jayanagar…Yippppee so close by to home. As the name suggests this yet another restaurant that has proudly bestowed upon itself the responsibility of turning Bangaloreans into a more health conscious peeps. At a first glance they look like one of those cool cafe’s. I got a chance to speak to fellow peeps who visited the cafe and most of them enjoyed their grub as well the location and the decor. In short the cafe seems to be a hit… they have it all…chic yet simple ambiance that captures your attention, healthy and yummmmm food for your tummy and interesting names for the grub and effortless presentation of the food without taking it too far.

In this review you will not only be reading/hearing my opinion but also a collective opinions of others.

My side of the story:

We ate a lot and drank a lot of their shakes.

Smoothies: Open season is a must for all avocado lovers.

Slim Trim Salad: You must try their Orange is the new black and Herbie. With the first one I felt it needs more orange slices and not just 4-5. I know you have the calorie counter but It is the hero of the dish so let it Shine. Herbie didn’t really appeal to my palate but looks like it was one the popular dish that day.

Skinny Starters: Hummus platter and the Zucchini boats. Hummus was  a big hit. All the hardcore health freaks beware of  the Zucchini boats. That’s the only dish where I found melted cheese slathered over zucchini but it’s a debate I might lose If I put the same in a healthy category. But nonetheless I did enjoy them would have hit the spot big time if it was served with a spicy dip.

High Energy Gourmet Skinny Burgers: The choice made was to try the Grilled Cottage Burger. This was a miss for me. Any burger healthy or not needs to be succulent and juicy. The ragi bun was a bit dry. The sauce which was a mix of onions in a dressing  was not enough to counter the dry bun and adding just a piece of paneer didn’t earn any brownie points for the dish. A paneer patty on the other hand with a generous amount of medium spicy sauce on a soft bun would be Ideal. You have the right idea but a little bit of tweaking and ironing out the kinks in the recipe would work magic on your customers palate.

Pastas: Greene was a pesto pasta. I loved it but the pasta was not exactly al dente it needed few minutes in the pot was the collective opinion.

Counter Meal: Never have I enjoyed brown rice, but if its cooked like this I’m a convert for sure. Loved the sauce, rice and a big chunk of grilled paneer. The only suggestion that I will offer is to marinate the paneer and then grill it with some seasoning.

Skinny Licious Desserts: Miss Mousse and Ragi Crepes was ordered. Every cafe needs to have a few “go-to” desserts in their repertoire, and none is more important than a chocolate mousse. When you order a mousse you expect a perfectly set chocolate with a fluffy or airy texture and the right amount of sweetness to compliment the bitterness from the chocolate. The task is doubly hard for cafes like SlimSins as they need to stay true to the healthy quotient which is the primary objective and at the same time appeal to the customer’s conditioned palate. For me it was a miss…loved the taste of coconut milk but I will not have a semi solid concoction of chocolate, honey and coconut milk served as a mousse. SlimSins needs to definitely to find a substitute agent to bind all the ingredients together and present it as a mousse. Ragi Crepes on the other hand was a healthy dessert suited best for for those who have guilty pangs after eating a scrumptious dessert. Go easy on the honey it can be a bit overpowering for non honey lovers.

All in all, its has a making of being my favourite adda to all of South Bangalore. To prove the point I went in again after a couple of days and tried their Broccoli and Walnut soup along with a Mediterranean Wrap. Both won the hearts of my Mother in law and me.

Other’s Opinion: The short video has been created for the same and Akansha has indulged us video of the making of Herbie Salad was recorded for you viewers to try the same at home. You will also get a chance to hear the owner share her story.

Untill next time…signing off as Ms.Su Says.

Video Credits: Mrs. Puja Nayak