Echoes- An unexpected twist to a mundane life

Simple joy’s in life are the ones that stay with you long after the day is over…it can be a simple act of sipping pipping hot coffee on a rainy day or eating that one plate of panipuri from your fav local vendor. For me it was sharing a meal with an amazing bunch of women. We could not be more different and from varied backgrounds but we got along like a house on fire.

Echoes is a restaurant in Koramangala and this is my third visit there. To call it a restaurant with an unique concept wouldn’t do justice. Most of the time I’m impartial in my reviews but to keep this particular review objective is proving to be a challenge. Running a restaurant using only differently abled persons is an challenge by itself and maintaining consistency in the service and quality of the food is doubly so. Yes, it does take a bit of time for us to uncondition our behavior as we are habituated to bark orders than patiently express our choices in writing. But, surprisingly we do enjoy the whole process and looking forward to press the button.

Since we were 8 of us we could taste ample bit of food from the menu. The afternoon kicked started with

Honey chilli Potatoes: It’s a common item and 90% of the restaurants have it on their menu. The trick here is to keep the potatoes nice and crispy even after they are doused in honey. This restaurant had it in the bag and that’s why we ordered more of it.

Nachos: This was the least fav dish. We ordered non veg Nachos and veg version was delivered. What was really unappealing was the nachos itself…it was coated with some black powder which made it taste bad. Except for the generous coating of cheese and a bit of salsa and olives in the middle there was nothing else


Classic Panner Tikka: Soft panner marinated in curd based masala mix cooked to perfection in tandoor. Unlike other restaurants here it was served with flat bread where you can make a an roll out of it. Ticked every box for me.

Classic Panner Tikka

Afgani Legs: (Reviewed by friends): What was distinctive about this dish is usually the tandoor items ordered elsewhere tends to get a bit dry, we were pleasantly surprised to savor this tender and creamy legs. It was juicy to say the least.

Afghani Legs

Summer made us look for thirst quenchers and we almost ordered them in a dozen. We didn’t choose anything fancy. Simple Lemonade and Virgin Mo kept us happy.

Lemonade and Virgin Mo

Farm Fight Pizza: We customized and loaded this pizza with all the vegetables available. So don’t be surprised if your pizza doesn’t look similar to ours. It had a nice earthy and smoky flavor to it. Was it intended or did the chef just save it at the nick of the time. I don’t know. Either way it was yumm and we were disappointed that the second one didn’t find its way to our table.

Farm Fight

Raju Veg and Non veg Tiffin service: I still wonder why its called Raju tiffin service. The ladies were hoping for an attractive Raju to serve us. The tiffin box in which our meal arrived was nothing short of delicious. It is an inventive way of calling it a limited thali. The thali comes with 2 butter roti’s, peas rice, raitha, rajma and mutter paneer gravy. I would go back here to feast on this.

For desserts we had Sizzling Brownie, Dark Knight Sundae and Red crumb Fantasy Sundae. Honestly they need to add few more desserts. Basically it was red velvet cake with Ice cream and some fancy dressing and the other one was black forest cake with Ice cream.

Up the game, peeps of Echoes. You have got everything right just tweak your dessert menu and you will go places in spite of the stiff competition in an area like Koramangala.

An overall 4 out of 5 is my rating. A bit of improvement in service and delivering all the food that was ordered wouldn’t hurt the restaurant to improvise on.

Until my next hobnob…signing of as MsSuSays.