The London Curry House, Bangalore

Have you wondered how Bangalore has bloomed into this city where there’s no dearth in finding new restaurants? Being a Bangalorean myself and growing up in this wonderful city, one thing I can positively vouch is that this city has witnessed some accelerated growth in the last 5-10 years. In particular, we are seeing entrepreneurs and hoteliers trying to bring in new concepts to sway their customers and opening the doors for them to have new palate experiences.

Not so strong minded peeps like me will succumb to these temptations and the latest fall for me was “The London Curry house”. You know me well enough to know, that I don’t try anything new without my entourage. Before we hop to the review there are few pointers to hoteliers. The thinking on this new gen restaurant seems to be running in the same direction as all. I feel the experiences that they are trying to create are somewhat duplicating in nature. It kinda feels that you have already experienced something similar elsewhere you know that deja vu types. That’s exactly what happened to me here. I can draw a few similiars on the presentation and the fusion concept to name a few.

At the outset, London Curry house is surely a must try, an all vegetarian restaurant. The Ambience is upbeat. The service is a bit slow and the place is tad bit small. They seem to have won over quiet a few fan following and the restaurant was packed. If you are looking for a romantic lunch or dinner prepared to be disappointed. Though they got their ambience right, the loads of people present will not let you have one private moment. Its an all out family restaurants with high noise levels. If you are going in big numbers I would strongly advise you to book a table.

Tamatar Rasam: ***
Looked very appetizing and tasted good too

Tandoor Roasted Balsamic Fruit Salad: ***
Yumm, specially for the spicy food lovers. But we were served only pineapples and apples. I guess this is fruit salad from their perspective.

Bhavnagiri Mirchi Chilli: ****
I definitely liked it, but its meant only for the hardcore cheese lovers. It’s basically colored bell peppers filled with chess and grilled to perfection

Pani Puri: **
I would give it a miss, I prefer the ones that’s available on VV puram and costs not more than 20/- for those 6 little humble puri’s

Pav Bhaji Fondue: ***
It was a hit and miss. It was well received by some. I personally felt it was a Jain version missing that punch and too finely pureed for my liking.

Paneer Papadi Roll with Chutney foam: **
Chutney foam, really !!!!! It was very unappetizing. The idea behind the dish is good but lack points for execution. The rolls were quiet big and was tad bit uncooked.

Masala Maggi: ****
Won my heart over, no amount of lead poisoning can keep us away from this beloved food I guess.

It was straight to desserts from here, skipped the main course. We ended the gastronomy journey with an all time favorite Sizzling brownie.

Overall a 3.5 rating out of 5. Not so heavy on the pocket and I would definitely visit them again to indulge on the main course.