Brik Oven, Bangalore

DakDaK DakDak DakDak heart racing, senses tingling and mouth watering was the reaction my daughter had when she laid her eyes on this drink cum ice-cream cum sundae. It had all the fan fare and it’s every kids fantasy cum true. So I’m sure you would like to know which restaurant and I’m going to break the suspense in a bit.

This is a quaint little place in Churchstreet called Brik Oven. When I say little, it seats maximum of 25 pacs. During the weekend be sure to wait for hours and I did see people waiting for hours to dine in here. A limited menu and limited staff. Kudos to this single waiter who served the entire population in the restaurant. He does it all, from seating , taking your orders, serving and the finial settlement. Ambience wise they have followed the minimalistic theme, which seems to be trending and cleverly done. Service just there, doesn’t hurt to smile a little, but who am I to judge. Concept wise they have got it right and knows all the boxes to tick.


They serve Pizzas, milkshake and Icecream. They have a limited menu but they got it right or what. We ordered a vegetarian Pizza by name Anna. It was good but definitely would have liked to see more veggies on it. They have not tweaked the Pizza to match the Indian palate and kept it true to its origin.

For Desserts, we ordered Freak show and Pink Sundae.

The later was a humble vannila ice-cream with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce drizzled over it. They have the best soft serve that I have had in a long long time.

FreakShow is a show stopper drink that they have created to steal the hearts of young and old alike. It’s basically an concoction of Oreos, milk and ice-cream topped with sinful and loads of ice-cream, chocolate sauce, waffles, gems, cookies and more chocolate bits. The neck of the jar was covered with salty caramel sauce and dusted with oreo powder. This is all my guess😜😜😜.
There’s only one word that I can describe the end result “Decadence”.

Pizza: 3/5
Desset: 5/5

Be prepared to spend upwards of 1500/- for a couple.

Have a delicious week ahead.