Take a chill pill this exam season @ Patio 805

Did you pray for another eat out in South Bangalore???????
Behold, your wish came true!!!!
Right next to the newly opened Starbucks in Jayanagar we have a newbie called Patio 805 serving us only vegetarian fanfare.
I have been waiting for them to open doors and couldn’t miss a opportunity to have a lazy lunch on a sunny afternoon.
My 10-second Take: They need some tinkering in the cooking department and settle on the flavor spectrum. They surely pack a punch on a few dishes and I’m looking forward to taste their food again.
Ambience: The place boosts of long floor to ceiling transparent windows. Lot’s of light and apt for taking pictures.
Service: It’s early to comment and I found only one person to be versatile and knew his way around the Kitchen and the people. Ill reserve my comments for now.
Overall Food Rating: ***
Drinks: ***
Chilli volcano suited best for spice lovers
Virgin Mojitto was the perfect drink for a sunny afternoon with sweet and tangy undertones
Soup: Hot and Sweet was the group’s fav.
Appetizers: **
Vegetable Fritters on a Sugar cane stick: I have always envied my non-vegetarian friends as none of the restaurants so far had nothing in offering that looked like chicken lollipops. Visual they almost resemble and I was very excited to take a bite, unfortunately it lacked flavor and spice hit. A bit dry and the chilly sauce that was served didn’t help much. Looks can be deceptive here, though they look big, but 50% of the size is because of the Sugar cane stick and the actual fritter was quiet small.
Deep-fried Spring roll: Just passed I would say
Spicy Stir fried water chestnuts: The dish was shouting out for the spicy tangy sauce that was advertised in the menu
Main Course: *****
American Chopsuey, Vietnamese Curry with Coconut Rice and Thai red Curry: If they can cook this, I’m mighty sure they can refine and tweak where they lack. I was head over heels in love with food again. This course reminded me the reason why I started blogging about my food experiences. A must eat and scrumptious end to our meal.
Siphon coffee is something I haven’t tried so far. Loved the drama making hot decoction in front of you. Using condensed milk instead of plain ones would give anyone a sweet orgasm but I prefer my strong 12/- South Indies coffee to siphon.

Siphon coffee drinker