Looking for something new this Valentine’s day try Elvnthrtyone (1131)

This Valentine’s day you can book a table @ this dapper place in Indiranagar that will cater to all your ambience needs. You need a open air setting to dine under the stars or a cozy corner with a covered roof or a combination of both… they have it all. If you are like me and leave things to the last minute then this is just the right place.

Elvnthrtyone (it reads as 1131) for a scrumptious and romantic dinner with your loved ones. Service is impeccable and loved the ambience…as you walk up the stairs you have varied settings to click pictures or take a selfie or two. They have a valet parking so there’s no hassle of looking for a parking space.

Here goes my take on this place:

Shoe string Fries: Normal fries with 4 different seasoning’s are available. Nothing different about it but it was good. Make sure to order the flavour of your choice…We forgot to do so.

Corn Salt n Pepper: Its your crispy corn, well sautéed and seasoned to perfection served on a cabbage leaf, a perfect accompaniment for draft Beer.

Watermelon Feta and Immunity Booster Salad: I couldn’t help but laugh at their creativity here or lack of it… I’m unsure which one to chose. Don’t imagine bite size pieces of watermelon without seeds, marinated with their homestyle salad dressing with a generous amount of Feta Cheese….rewind and erase. It’s 3-4 slices of a big round shaped chunk of  watermelon dressed with a dollop of feta cheese here and there. However the Manager did take our comments in a positive attitude and agreed to look into the presentation and the taste. On the other hand Immunity booster was all that was promised.

Lemon Gross Broth and Eight Treasure Veg Soup was the fav among the gals.

Pan fried Dumplings: It was something that I was looking forward but unfortunately the only filling that we could taste was cabbage and carrot. The sauces that was served along with the dumplings made it edible.

For the main course we had different varieties of Kulcha, Paneer Makhani and Bhindi Do Pyaaza along with Stuffed Mushroom Skewers Sizzlers all very appetizing and leaving us wanting more.

Pannacotta Di Casa was served as a complimentary dessert and that just rocked our taste buds. It was very light and gentle on the palate without making us feel heavy and guilty.

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps…Let me know if you liked this place and what was your fav food.