Alchemy: Posh Coffee Bar

Are you tired of meeting your friends and Business partners in Cafe Coffee Day? Presenting Alchemy Coffee Roasters, a Posh Coffee Bar serving food, drinks and desserts.

The first impressions:

Ambience: Chic and welcoming. Bathed in orange hue you are welcomes to a big metallic world map n comfortable seating. Loved the turquoise coloured doors.

Service wise they need to improve. Basics of not serving water and placing required cutlery n napkins is a big no no. The servers needed to be prompted innumerable times to serve us water n to bring the bill too. They need to work out the kinks albeit them being new in the block the customers will be forgiving.

We tried Baked Spicy Nachos and The Mexican Influence French Fries. Now both these were tasty but need a major overhaul in terms of toppings. They are not just decorations but integral part of the dish.

Garlic n Plum Tomato Soup was delicious. It just needs some glamour. A swirl of cream might have done the trick.

Ratatouille is an adventurous twist to the regular pasta. Totally loved it and will surely visit again to have a whole bowl of yummy goodness.

Garden on a Pizza was a big let down. A good slice of Pizza is all about the crust and unfortunately Alchemy has missed the mark in miles. There are many things wrong with this dish. One the dough is not fermented/rested enough is my guess. The base was not cooked properly. The crust should be toasted nicely on the outside but soft n fluffy on the inside. It also lacked veggies and this was disguised with an overload of cheese. The name didn’t justify the Pizza that was served.

French Toast with Banana, Caramel n Cinnamon was heavenly. They were soft pillows of bread drenched in delicious maple syrup n dipped in a smooth silky ice cream.

Devils Brownie Pudding comes in lil bottles of heaven. One small scoop of ice cream was not enough for jar of brownies. As you dig through you are surprised with crisp brownie pieces. A must have if you ask me.

Visited a Coffee Bar n not have coffee? I would have committed a cardinal sin. Unfortunately they serve a bad South Indian filter coffee. I neither tasted the robust flavour of dark coffee nor were we engulfed in a the aroma. Tea on the other hand was good.