Flambé Pizza anyone….

The Pizza Bakery is a chic looking restaurant in Indiranagar drumming out pizza’s in style. The staff are well informed and cordial. Comfortable seating amongst modern ambience that will catch your eye. Parking shouldn’t be a problem during day time, if else, there’s always valet parking to your rescue. Walking up the first floor you are greeted to a small array of ovens and sweet smell of freshly baked pizza and other savouries. This certainly worked up an appetite for all of us and looking forward to taste the wares.

 Stuffed Garlic Bread: It’s served in a  totally new Avatar….I give it 5 Gold Stars 

Stuffed Garlic Bread

I can confidently say their stuffed garlic bread steals everyone’s heart and seems to be the crowd pleaser. I happen to speak to few of the diners and all of them have come back a second and third time just for it. The outer folds of the bread is filled with delicious caramelized onions and their signature homemade garlic sauce and the centre is topped with buffalo mozzarella cheese. Now don’t fear that they will be pungent, surprisingly they aren’t. I must warn you the bread can be quiet filling so plan your orders accordingly.

Baked Nachos: Keep them coming…missed it by a whisker….4 gold stars

Baked Nachos

Then came the Fresh lime soda and Nachos. The nachos are shaped differently from the ones that are served in Mexican restaurants. I loved this shape and texture of the Nachos… they were crisp and firm and not weighed down with enormous amount of stuffing. Taste wise they almost got it except for a bit of zing that was missing in the salsa. On a second thought I love my nachos weighed down by all that glorious toppings so give more the next time.

Poppo’s Veggie Delight: There’s a thin line between Charred and outright Burnt….unfortunately mine was burnt so I give it a measly 2 Stars 


The family and I visited this place to try their flambe Pizza. I love the drama and the entire experience of seeing the liquid being flamed and poured on the pizza. With Masterchef both Australia and Indian version being aired we diners are aware of gourmet food and their makings. The more new age restaurants and many cooks flirt with the thin line between outright burnt and purposefully charred food. The idea is to bring a deeper, more robust smoky flavor to foods and add character. And, that’s exactly  what this bakery is also attempting. But with mine it was a misadventure. We sat back eating burnt crust and veggies and couldn’t really savour the pizza and the smoky flavour which was supposed to be their signature style. The side order of Burrata ball was lost amidst the confusion of burnt veggies and blackened crust.

From Left to right: The gals who loved the Creamy Bechamel Pizza and floored with the stuffed garlic Bread.

Next we have the duo who came to try the stuffed garlic bread recommended by a friend. They too enjoyed their Lamb and Chick Pizza. This shows digital presence does go a long way

Next we have the dudes who ordered Three cheese rocket pizza with certain customizations. Though they were not met they seemed to enjoy the ones that was served.

Molten Chocolate Mud Cake: Didn’t give me the kick of sweetness and hereby declare it a miss with 3 stars

Molten Chocolate Mud Cake

I’m a bit confused between Mud cake and Chocolate lava cake. I presumed I would be served a very dense and having a tight crumb type of mud cake. But, was surprised when we cut through and chocolate ooozed out from the inners. Yes, this would have been near to perfect if it was a chocolate lava cake and smidgen more sugar to make it a perfect dessert. Yup, The bells should have rang in head while reading the word molten.

Overall this should be on your 2018 checklist of Pizza places to try.