Smoke House Deli – A Gastronomic Climax

It was a “symphony of flavors” – are the only words that I can think of when I sat down to write a review on Smoke House Deli. This was not the first time I visited this restaurant in the past. But, certainly it is the first time it has left me completely, utterly and totally wanting to visit the restaurant again.


What we had was a simple 3 course meal.


We started with a Salad made of Bean sprouts and crispy quinoa with brown rice flakes. The crispy quinoa added an interesting texture. The dressing was spot on but I felt the chef was a bit heavy handed on the amount of olive oil that was added to the salad. This made us experience a slight bitter aftertaste.




cottage cheese steak 2The main course was cottage cheese steak. This dish made me experience a gastronomic climax of sorts. Melt in the mouth paneer was served on a bed of perfectly sauted english vegetables in a gravy. The surprise element was the paneer was sandwiched with a olive paste which was something unique. Chef Amit Tamang don’t change even the smallest details in the construction of this recipe. You have a winner on your hands.

cheese cakeYou cannot walk out of this restaurant without having a dessert. From the time I watched the famous friends serial I have been head over heels with cheese cake…not the ones which is made of frosting but the New York baked cheese cake. I had one of those light bulb moments when I entered this restaurant as you are welcomed with this view of an array of delicious goodies display. My heart was set on cheese cake and cheese cake is what we had.

Overall an unforgettable meal and succumbing me to an enchanting experience.