#Baahubali:The conclusion- Standing applause for SS Rajamouli and the cast

Unequivocally, the Indian cinema industry and the citizens of India have named this epic movie as the best film ever made in the history of human civilization ( As quoted in Being Indian).

I have to give it to SS Rajamouli.  He was able to recreate the magic not once but twice. Though I wouldn’t go that far and rename our cinematic presence and their contributions as BB-AB and make it as a benchmark for all other movies to measure to (before Baahubali (BB) and After Baahubali (AB)). It certainly was an enjoyable watch and to witness first hand the magic of Indian movies.

Many a challenge with movies that has a sequel is for the director to maintain the same amount of awe that its precedent oozed is pretty daunting. But, in this case the cast and the director delivered it again and again. There is never a dull moment in the movie and you are eagerly waiting for all the questions to be answered. Questions that has haunted us for more than year through many cleverly worded what’s app message, FB post and any other social media forwards. And Yes, I also wanted to know and did warn all my friends not to answer the much googled and asked question WHY KATTAPPA KILLED BAABHBALI”. The answer was a bit tepid. I think Vijayendra Prasad could have been tad bit more creative here.

The difficult part about writing a review of a movie in a way to give the readers a wholesome idea of the movie and at the same time not outing the plot is a challenge. Let me try and do justice here. This movie is one the rarest type as almost everyone I have encountered had nothing but praise for it. I agree with them 90% . My take is the plot to begin was a bit loose, Sivagami an intelligent ruler in the preceding movie was a fearless, a woman who made her own decisions without being influenced by her evil husband Bijjaladeva turned to be a weakling was a bit difficult to grasp. The usage of graphics in few scenes bought down the AWE quotient for me. It would have been nice to see more action from Bhallala Deva. I throughly enjoyed his scenes in Baahubali: the beginning then watching Prabhas. And all this is me being nit-picky.

If there’s anyone on my FB friend’s list who still haven’t watched this movie its time to stop procrastinating and start clicking those keys and book a ticket and be transported to the land of Mahismati.

PS: Do I smell part 3, did you hear the kid in the closing credits asking the father whether Shivu’s son will grow up to be a hero as his father?

SS Rajamouli is there a plot in making here or am I grasping the straws ???? Only time will tell I guess.

Till then MsSuSays signing off