Waffle Stories, Bangalore

It’s that time of the year where the cravings for hot masala puris, besi besi bonda and bhajji or sometimes when you have friends like mine they prefer eating cold ice creams or hot hot waffles is on a rise. So ladies and gentlemen welcome to Waffle Stories in
Jayanagar, yet another new entrant to the dessert family.

Ice Creams: I was floored by their ice cream. I tried their Guava and Chilli and was full of flavor and would definitely try their other flavors. Full points here. Unfortunately may not justify my reviews.

Waffles: Mixed review. We tried waffles with Banana and maple syrup and since Puja Nayak was on a detox and she kept it simple and had waffles loaded with fruits (PUN intended). It’s good, but not the ones where the waffles are crisp on the outside and soft and mushy in the inside. If they can figure out a way to tad bit improve their waffles, they would be a super hit in South Bangalore. We don’t have any decent dessert places apart from Corner house and this would be a welcome reprieve from them.

If you are like me and love the savory ones, they don’t disappoint you and they have a limited selection to choose from. Haven’t tried it yet.

The only drawback is they charge a bomb. Each waffle is priced at 180/- and the ice cream was 140/-.