Toscano, Bangalore

My experience keeps oscillating from average to best. I have had the pleasure of eating their food across locations. Jayanagar, Koramanagala and Vittal Malaya Road.

Till now liked the UB city outfit.
Since they serve complimentary bread, we always don’t order any antipasti here.

Soup of the Day: Pumpkin Soup 3.5/5
I never thought there’s going to be day where I would like soup made of Pumpkin. Thanks to this restaurant, found an interesting way to use red pumpkin. It was yumm and must try.

All time Penne Arrabbiata: 3/5
The penne is always cooked to perfection of al dente. I feel that the Arrabbiata sauce lacks body and flavour.

Lasagna Verdure: 3.5/5
The only reason I’m giving this low score is because of the inconsistency in taste between the koramanagala and Jaynagar restaurant. Absolutely loved the Lasagna in Koramanagala. Again flavour missing in the Jayanagar branch.

Home made Spinach and Ricotta filled Ravioli: 4/5
It brought bck memories of eating ravioli in USA. Stuffing was perfect and the ravioli not ver thick

Chocolate Eclair: 2/5
Absolutely did not like it. The pastry was dry n soggy. The filling was unappetising. I have never dared to try this dish anywhere.

Salted Vanilla Cheesecake: 4/5
After cheese cake factory, I love my cheesecake from here… Droll worthy n love the small little extra titbits thats served along with the cheesecake

Will cost upwards 1500/- for a couple