Toast & Tonic, Bangalore

Oh well, now this post is going to be many things. Review on Toast and Tonic, 5 ingredients to create an memorable night out with your girl frds and finally an early women’s day toast to all my frds out there.

For the review bit, earlier called Monkey Bar is Toast and Tonic now. It has a very warm interiors, I would go ahead and add its a go to place for both upscale college crowd and the rest of us. They have all these fancy drinks and food but tad bit limited variety for the vegetarians. Perfect place to unwind n let ur hair down to a mixed melodies played in the background. We had young jackfruit toastada, charred broccoli rangoon, shrimp tempura n tuna tataki toastada along with variety of drinks. Which met everyone’s approval.
My only rebute would be the hefty 10% service charge that was levied. I was under the impression that the service charge is at the discretion of the guests.

Coming to nxt point.. The 5 ingredients to have a crazieeeee evening with a capital “c”
1. Venue: not to far from the city where you end up driving n driving on the traffic clogged lanes
2. Company: now the secret ingredient here is to have tht one or two frds who can be fun when drunk on a Mocktail
3. Organiser: this dedicated frd who is able to find a date that is suitable for all the eccentric reason, people and things.
4 & 5. Get your nom nom on

To end, a simple toast to all the women out there… Be the woman who continues to be an enigma. Your enigma embodies your beauty inside out And this beauty is not skin-deep. Shine and Shine like the brightest star.