Open Box, Bangalore

Have you had this moment, where your heart is racing just listening to this song or you have this compulsion to open the car window and just sing at the top of your voice to your favorite song playing on the radio……I was just hoping to experience something akeen to this feeling when I visited The Open Box….. This restaurant is in St.Marks road where the previously one of my all time fav Spiga was located.

The common factor in all my food journey is my gal entourage and this experience was shared with Piya Praveen, Sunitha, Shruthi Rathan, Lisha Santosh, Samyutha Santhosh, Nagashree and Sneha. Deepa Ranganath, Pavitra Olety, Reetu, Shwetha and Pavitra missed you gals… I’m trying my best to keep the review short but God help me…..

Ambiance: Spot on guys, Spot on….Its Chic and trendy….designed to lure the young and the rich( cause its quite heavy on the pocket). We failed to make reservations and lost the chance to sit in the fanciest part of the restaurant…but where we were seated was no less chic…we had a swing for a table and comfortable chairs.

Food: As always the gals were ravenous and we quickly got into the business of ordering up….Hummosa, Meri cheese Teri Chilli, Som Tam Kamal Kakadi, Happy ending Biryani, Classic Margarita and to quench our thirst we ordered drip me tight, Cookie and cream and Chilli grape juice….Note I have written ordered and not what we drank cause that’s where the nightmare

begins….My opening line was ravenous and as time passed ravenous was a mellow word to describe our hunger pangs….Was it our bad timing or is does Open box management is yet to test their Kitchen application for some bugs I don’t know (do get in touch with me, I can help you guys 😉)….They took almost an hour and more to deliver the much awaited food and also missed some of the ware that was ordered. I never got to taste my Chilli grape juice and the Pizza. Except for Happy ending Biryani, I rate their food top class.

On the downside, as mentioned earlier guys please improve your delivery time, you definitely need to add more hands (Staff), PORTION SIZE needs to be justified with the price…..I know I know you might tell that this one of those fancy place and if you are seeking justification then head over to one of the sagar’s.

To conclude, I would like to give you guys another chance as I’m in one of those rare forgiving moods and will surely hop in one with yet another group of frds….I see that you have a heart and are in the making of being one of the sort out restaurants in Bangalore.