Onesta, Bangalore

I have a confession to make n before you read any further let me be upfront with you, This piece started off as a restaurant review but it kinda got some emotional stuff mixed up here so bear with me. You know, the other day I was watching this video of KJ talking about life…he says “look at it as a blockbuster and we are the authors of our life”. He goes on to say ” that you write the story of your life” he is correct indeed but I strongly feel that for my life’s story to be interesting, I need my frds. And there’s one such group who paints my life with different shades of fun. They planned a lunch out to this cosy little place called Onesta in Koramangala. This worked out perfecttt for me…. In the hustle bustle of my working life, I was glad to sneak away for lunch for few hours. You want to have fun n laugh at the silliest jokes, then hop in to one of our meet ups. Ok, I guess I’m loosing track again (bangs her head with her hand) let me focus at the task in hand (blinking hard to recall ) ohhh yes, Review on Onesta.

If you are a Pizza lover like me, then this is the place where you can droll over. It was like finding heaven for me. All those who know me well, know that I’m a big fan of Mexican and Italian cuisine.

Plus: Hospitality/Taste/Ambiance

Awesome hospitality. When a gang of 12 spicy and sassy women descend over, you can guess what kind of havoc we can raise. Hands down the person who waited over us was immensely patient and dint bat an eye for all the customization and extras we were seeking. He was spot on every Pizza that was ordered and later devoured.

We were mixed gang of carnivorous and herbivorous. I sampled 3 of the veggie Pizzas and loved that Onesta has an adventurous menu. The noteworthy ones were Pesto and Red Pepper Pizza / Pinocchio n the veggies side. My carnivorous gang had Prawn Pesto, Chicken Alfredo, Peppers and Pepperoni and Crispy chicken calzone. Their vote goes to the Prawn and Pepperoni Pizza. The calzone missed the mark.

Minus: Menu limited only to Pizza ( Main course)

Sadly for Onesta, the number of Pizza lovers may not be many in this garden city and their menu is restricted to Pizza and dessert alone. I would love to see some fresh colorful salads thrown in the mix along with a limited selection of wraps or sandwiches in the menu. Plan ahead as the waiting time to serve the food is bit more.

So if your visiting Onesta, remember me and let me know your feedback.

PS: I forgot to mention the mocktails, their orange mint cooler was pretty good and my dear friend seemed to have enjoyed her Bannana and Honey milkshake. She was all gaga over it. Not many pics to do justice as we hungrily devoured our lunch the moment it landed on the table.