#Nasi n Mee Asian Canteen-Bangalore

Nasi n mee has always eluded me. I had planned many an outings here but for one reason or another our plans never saw fruition. The same story was about to be replayed again but Viji Kumar n I managed to keep the date. I usually research before visiting any restaurant but this time left it to the hands of fate.

Located in Koramanagala, it has an easy approach with valet parking facilities available. This restaurant had an air of homeliness when we stepped in. The staff very courteous but the positives stops here.

We ordered:

Crushed Mint and Lime Soda: nothing unusual, just a normal lemon soda with mint

Xiao Long Bao Veg: Now when the waitress explained this liquid filled dumplings to us it caught my fancy. The dumplings filled with mushrooms n some sort of juice. You need to place each dumpling in a spoon n prod it with a fork so that the liquid oozes a bit n top with a sauce that is sent as an accompaniment with the dish. I’m not big on mushroom flavour so I didn’t enjoy as much. My frd also gave it a 5/10.

Tofu Satay: Now this was a big time let down. Visually the food here looks lip smacking and unfortunately eating with your eyes is just half the journey. The chef failed to induce flavour into this smooth tofu pieces.

Pad Thai Veg: now this was the only saving grace. The noodles though not great was not near your authentic pad thai but we enjoyed it to a certain extent.

I have to end this review saying that my frd lapped up the spicy n peanut sauces that was kept on the table, our waitress indulged her by packing some 😁😁😁. The service here is impeccable.

Ambience: 7/10
Food: 5.5/10
Service: 8/10

PS: If and when you are in Koramanagala you can give it a try. I would not totally write it off, the chef possibly must be having one of those bad cook days 😉😉😉 when we went. Non veg might be good