2 3 roll camera… Focus a boy and gal totally besotted with each other n singing love songs n thankfully no running around the tree ….wait wait did I tell you both are visually impaired. That’s the cornerstone of 🎥 KAABIL . Their love for each other, rape, suicide n then revenge.

Most of the time a bit of due diligence is done before watching any movie, but I guess I was feeling a bit adventurous and went in blind. The first half of the movie is quite cliched… boy falling in love with the gal n promising the sun and some peppy dance numbers n this sums up the movie before the intermission. I certainly was looking forward for the second half as Sanjay Gupta did a good job of setting the stage for the next half and keeping me rooted in the seat.

Sadly the revenge plotted by Rohan to avenge his wife Su’s rape was marked with holes, sizes as big as ones found on doughnuts. Even a 10 year old could have guessed the plot.

Overall an awesome acting delivered by Hrithik Roshan. Yami Goutham was not bad too… it had all the makings of a good movie but the plot missed the mark. Nevertheless it’s certainly a must watch movie thriller movie this weekend. Just don’t take any kids below 18.