Ministry of Pizza

It was a surprise afternoon date with hubby dear. Might I say these are rare occurrence in my so called fairytale.

Just yesterday I was making big list of restaurants that I wanted to try with a group of friends. Low and behold came an opportunity. Nowadays these so called friends of mine are into healthy eating or dieting their butt offs so finding company is becoming a rare occurrence like spotting a shooting star.

Anyways had a craving for Pizza and Ministry of Pizza was just down the alley. It’s a neat place and has an ambiance that is just needed. You will find few vintage cars n pans hung on walls to give it a lively feel. Limited menu…focusing on Pizza/Burgers, starters and desserts. You have only one pasta option.

All the pizza on the menu had just two or three toppings and was not very impressed with it. We decided to take the 8″ self crafted vegetarian pizza. You can choose 5 toppings. Caramelised onions, jalapeño, zucchini and pineapple was my choice. I did mention quite a few times that I liked mine spicy and to make hubby’s a bit less spicy.

Verdict: since the inclusion of onions made the pizza really sweet and felt I was eating a dessert. I wish the waiter had informed me of the same and I would have altered the choice of toppings. It would have made it a more pleasurable experience. I love my pizza with cheese that’s Ooooy, gooey , UMMMM, the wonderful rich taste that only cheese can bring. Unfortunately this place didn’t hit those heights.

Overall the date was a super duper hit can’t say the same for the venue.