Indy HOP: Indian House of Pakodas, Bangalore


k, Today I realized that Bangalore can/will be a place where your dreams can come true….have a creative idea (food Industry) backed with a sound financial plan to implement it and be a resident of Bangalore (preferably)…have you ever ever thought of building sustainable earnings from selling Pakodas…yes you heard it right …selling pakodas…and I don’t mean the ones that is sold on the beaches (though no offense to them) as a business. Today I had a chance to savour some of the best pakodas this city has to offer (my benchmark may not match some of the home chefs I know, cause I’m not a great cook) and they were pretty damn good….Today being Friday and as the clock hits 5, I have this craving to binge on something hot and crisp and working in Koramangala, I have plethora of options to choose. This place has been on my bucket list for quite sometime and today I had a chance to so some bonding with dad over a plate of Pakodas, vadas and this amazing capsicum bhelpuri in Indy HOP: The house of Pakodas.

Its a cozy little place, which can seat upto 20 or so….you can go with your co workers for a quick bite or college students can chit chat over a pipping hot ginger tea. The high point was their capsicum bhelpuri, which I must say, never in a hundred years I would have thought of making bhelpuri with capsicum as the focal point and the low point was the masala vada as they were not fried properly. They just missed the mark. The staff were extremely friendly and took in our suggestions with a smile.

All in all, a must try place and quite light on the pocket too. Padma Arun you would have loved their chai and we missed you dearly.