Humming Tree, Bangalore

A chance to meet the girlies back to back was an opportunity I couldn’t let it pass. The invite came with the restaurants that I wanted to try for some time now, this made it difficult to resist the invitation….orey kalluley rend manga (my tamil speaking frds will understand this ;-; ). The venues that gained the maximum votes were Humming tree and Bangalore brew works. Kudos to the ladies who planned the meet up… was no easy task I tell you…..

So lets drop you to the main portion of the story:

Humming Tree: Its a laid back haunt, the décor is easy on the eye and charges are light on the pocket. Its rumored to be one of the fav place for some of the rocking moms of Bangalore for a quick catchup with their fav cocktails. As usual it was a mixed group….and my review is on the vegetarian food. I loved the fiery fries, Assorted crostini and for the main course we shared a Roasted bell pepper and potato burger along with Lasagna. Dessert was Dark chocolate almond cake with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. The former was a good and the later (lasagna) was a miss. My only piece of advise is for the chef to look into the thickness of the patty and also try and find an inspiration for the veg lasagna as it was too dry for my taste. Lastly the waiters need to be trained a bit, I was told the Lasagna will be tomato based but sadly the one that turned up had only spinach, Zucchini and aubergine. I rate this place 3.8.