Go Native, Bangalore

There has been a challenge issued to me to write a review that is not long and at the same encapsulate the experience without loosing the context. Tall order indeed.

One sunny afternoon we ladies met up in this quaint little restaurant called Go Native. I fell in love with this place not only for its sumptuous organic food but also for the way its eclectically designed, its quirky store that features lamps, baskets, clothes, jewelry, organic food and many more items.

Salads that was ordered was crisp and well coated with dressing. This enhanced the flavour and was delicious. Special mention of Red rice salad, Avarekai Salad and Kesari Piyar Salad needs to be made. Palak and Broccoli soup and Carrot, Coconut and Ginger soup, Shrikaran surprise and Aloo bhendi and Palak chat was lip smacking. We also gorged on Bun Chaska, Panniyaram and Chila Dosa. Ended the meal with Payasam platter, Baked yogurt and Ragi millet pancakes.

There were quiet a few hit and only few misses and one of them was the payasam platter. Out of the 3 different flavors of payasam, only one had a semblence of a dessert. Others lacked the sugar punch. Chila dosa was also just OK. Another feedback would for the restaurant to keep the look of an item to be consistent. For eg., the pear salad that is featured in their FB page and the one that was presented to us was world’s apart.

Overall if a hard core non vegetarian like my friend enjoyed her meal, then Go native is a place that can surely be on your go to list for the weekend.

I hope I was able to keep up my part of the deal and made this review short and sweet. If its still long then its cause of the numbers items ordered

PS: Since I couldn’t find the e-menu card, I might have misspelled a few dishes, do excuse me.

Write to you Soon.
from Ms. SuSays