Bangalore Brew Works,Bangalore

For this piece of my Friday evening action, I could write an novel… daughter’s birthday bash didn’t involve this much coordination and planning and I’m sure Deepthi Mahesh would agree with me. It started off as a girlie night out and ended up as an outing with hubbies tagging along with most of us. All in all, a fun evening with good food, delicious cocktails/ mock-tails with a bunch of amazing ladies who jazzed up the place. The honorable mentions food wise: veg platter and the tomato base pasta. The miss is the 41% of the tax that was levied and made my eyes and mouth go OOOOO. I dint know good times come with a high price tag. But let this not deter you from trying them…their service is impeccable, the waiters are well informed and trained, mine created a new cocktail to meet my haughty stds…. Did I say cocktail, correct it as mock-tail. The ambiance is great, specially on a sunny afternoon. I give it 3.8 and you know why.

And with this I end my adventurous and fun filled Friday and big hug and kissed to all the ladies who made my day.