Caprese – Shangri-La Hotel, Bangalore

can call it a tradition of sorts. None of our birthdays are complete without us catching up for a meal. Unfortunately this year it was just the two of us since Komma Nandini was traveling. It was decided that the lunch was the chosen time as Dhi had FA’s and the entire day upto evening was dedicated to preparing for the same. Hubby being his usual self told chalo go have fun with your girl friend.

Caprese in Shangri-La was the place that we visited. It’s located on the 37th floor and you have this startling panorama of the city and you get to see Bangalore Palace in all its glory from this height. The lunch affair was started with the complimentary warm bread basket. Since we were a bit late in getting there ravenous would a light word to describe our hunger pangs.

Vegeterian Mezze Platter: 4/5

This huge sized platter came with 4 different types of dips which was served cold along with Falafel, kibbeh, Cheese Fatayer and Kibbeh potato. I’m eating many of the items mentioned here for the first time. I particularly liked the Kibbeh Potato. Found the falafel a bit hard for my liking. But overall it was very delectable.

Homemade baked Gnocchi with eggplant and mozzarella cheese: 3/5

After our stint in Fava, Puja is a converted Gnocchi fan. Gnocchi was soft little potato pillows that just melted in our mouth. This dish is traditionally served with bechamel sauce but we requested it with my all time favorite arrabiata. I would have savored it more if the arrabiata sauce was spicy. It was a bit sweet for my liking.

Tiramisu Espresso with mascarpone cream and marsala wine: 4/5

This is a classic example of how you can eat with your eyes. Almost all the tables that was seated in the restaurant had ordered this and we thought why not join the gang. You are presented with the deconstructed version and it is assembled for you on the table. I must say its not for the faint hearted ones. You have a to be lover of strong coffee to enjoy this dessert. I for one did immensely relish but it was certainly not a dish that Puja enjoyed. So keep that in mind.

No birthday’s are complete without a cake and blowing of a candle. The restaurant had served us this delicate small chocolate mousse cake.

On a whole this place should be on your bucket list especially to enjoy with family and friends on the special days.

I must say that there was so much work put in and the smallest of details was taken care. From the selection of car on which we travelled to placing a small delicate bouquet of flowers on the table and writing on the cake was planned in detail. Love you to the moon and back Puja Nayak.

Thats all from Ms.Su says stay tuned for more….