Enerjuvate, Bangalore

Bangalore never ceases to amaze me. We have new age restaurants experimenting with fusion cuisine, they are upping the game with appealing presentation. Joining the race is healthy/fitness based restaurants. I recently visited an restaurant named Enerjuvate. This is a cosy little place, basically home converted to a fitness studio, Café and also there’s a Boutique in making. They have many avatars is what I must say.

A gang of us descended here on a warm afternoon. We had opted for a yoga session followed by set menu meal. I must say I was a bit skeptical of whether the portion sizes would be enough to satisfy our hunger pangs. Since it is a restaurant that advocated healthy eating I was also worried if it will appeal the diverse taste buds of 10 ladies who are unique in every aspect.They certainly didn’t disappoint us.

So we kicked off the afternoon with a dose of detox water that was served in these cute little small glass tumblers. We had an hour or so yoga with Mr. Yash, he taught us asanas and also explained a few rudiments of yoga. This session certainly worked up the appetite and we were ready to devour a bear (figuratively speaking).

I had planned a 4 course meal along with detox water which was served before the exercise and an infusion drink that was served after our meal.

Drink: ****

We had a choice of Green Goddess, Sandal wood infused drink and Strawberry Mojito.

I would give them full marks here, personally I liked the sandalwood drink for two reasons one for their innovative thinking of infusing the flavor in a way that doesn’t make you gag and leaving a pleasant aftertaste. However if conduct a poll I think Strawberry Mojito would have won.

Salad: ***
I had opted for a jar salad. This was a layered salad of chickpea and healthy portion of veggies with a non fat dressing. I must say the service is very personalized here and they made sure that our drink and salad was ready and placed neatly on the table by the time we finished with yoga. Appeal wise they simply looked delicious and also tasted delicious. Once we settled down and started eating it, we did realize that there was a bit of sour aftertaste. Was it because the dressing was let to sit for a long time or the nature of the lettuce that was used. This I’m not sure, except for this one little comment I couldn’t falter the dish

Starter: 3 bean cutlet **

What would you expect, few pieces of cutlet to be served with tangy pudhina chutney. What we received was a actually a meal in itself. 3 healthy cutlet made of 3 different types of bean served with yummy orange chilli sauce and tzatziki along with a house salad. This were I realized that many of my fellow women whom I taught were into all this healthy eating and all had actually defected and was playing on my side all this time.

This dish has a mixed opinion some of them liked and others not so much. I feel the patties were a bit dense and lacked a bit of flavor, however having said that I did clean my plate up by adding huge doses of the orange chilli sauce. There was this small cute ragi biscuits that was topped with veggies that came along with the starter.

Maincourse: Thailand inspired Soup ****

This was pretty cool… you get this big mug filled with flavorsome broth of veggies along with cute little bowls filled with greens, chillies, ginger, lemon wedge and tofu etc…which you add on to the broth. Here they are giving you control on the spice level you are comfortable. Full marks to this healthy yet tasty concoction.

Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Banana Ice cream ***
The brownie was heavenly, though didn’t like the icecream much…It was just a puree.

The brownie was made of almond mix and not maida. This gave an interesting texture and crispness which I totally loved and certainly going back again to eat this.

Overall Enerjuvate has given a new twist to healthy food and redefines the way people perceive healthy food. 4* rating from me.