Chianti, Koramangala

Now this took me long time to figure out how to describe this particular afternoon that was spent with the company of ladies from different walks of life. I mean it, different.

Now what makes an meal enjoyable? Just the grub, Naah. I would say the company with whom you partake it, glass of wine perhaps or Sangria would be the choice, chitter chatter and rambunctious laughter, a restaurant with a cosy ambience that lets you enjoy all of the above and for me the most important ITALIAN cuisine 😁😁😁.
So the setting for this delightful afternoon was in my all time favourite spot- Chianti, Koramanagala.

They have recently introduced this 4 course set menu at 750/- (taxes extra), which is an absolutely brilliant idea. The portion sizes are quiet good. The quality of food was not comprised and we all dug in with the enthu of a 5 year old.

The gastronomic journey for me started with

Involtini Di Formaggio Di Capra: 5/5
Its basically, roasted eggplant stuffed with goats cheese.

Minestrone Di Verdure: 4/5
Hmmm was good, but I felt it missed something.

Fusilli Primavera: 5/5
Literally I couldn’t find any fault with it, pasta al dente and finished with right amount of spice mix.

Chocolate Bomb: 5/5
The most gooey cake served with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream.
Tiramisu and their Pancotta was also heavenly.

Looking forward to have many more such afternoons with you gals.