Sotally Tober, Bangalore

There’s always a story n setting in my reviews. This time though Ill keep it short and sweet cause there’s nothing much to write about except for the company I must say.

So as usual bunch of us landed in Sotally tober. Day time Ambience is ok ok types.

Service and staff courtesy was the highlight of the day. My overall rating for this place would 2.5/5.

We indulged in the below bojanum.

Pear and walnut Salad: nothing out of the world, but it was pretty good and ordered a second serving.

Veg Nachos: The chips was fresh and crisp. They were a little light on the veggies here. Overall a good reception from the indulgers.

Paneer chilly: Saving grace

Corn on the cob and the Peanut Masala: This where the let down begins 😒😒description in the menu and the food that was served was not in tandem. Though the portion size is the prerogative of the restaurant, the size of the corn was something they may want to rethink. Since I don’t have a picture, let me try and be descriptive here. Imagine One corn split into half vertically and then cut into 6 different portions. Phew that’s really imaginative of the chef.

I was told Non veg did not fare any better, it was quite sweet though we ordered the spiciest item.

Sliders: The hero of today’s meal. Vegetarians ordered the grilled veggies and non vegetarians ordered prawn slider. This was yumm, the vegetables had the right amount spices mixed and was served with a not so potent mint sauce. This was perfectly made for my palate.

I couldn’t click the food pics. Overall an 2.5/5 and a average of 1000/- for a couple without drinks.