SMOOR, Bangalore

Are you plagued by this chinna chinna pasi in the evenings? How do you handle it, indulge or control? If you are an indulgent like me, you certainly have to visit SMOOR in Indranagar. They have a good wide menu for a dessert place.

Drink: 👌👌👌👌 4/5
Cookie and Cream: meets the expectations, of course they can’t go wrong on this simple drink right.

Main: 👌👌👌👌 4/5
Vegetarian Pizza: I sometimes don’t understand my pallet, why we Indians are quiet obsessed with ketchup and Pizza. The chef here got it right. For the first time I thoroughly enjoyed it without the red blob on it.

Dessert: 👌👌👌 3/5
Though my heart was set on New york style baked cheese cake, after a bit of tussle gave in to hubby’s choice and we ended up having Intensive Red velvet cake. I would advise them to remove the intensive here, though good it dint blow my socks off. Next time I’m sticking to my cravings.

On Indiranagar next time, do definitely try them.

PS: the table next to us had these heavenly looking spiced fries. Let me know your feedback, if you chance upon eating them. Expect to spend an average of 1250/- for a couple